3 Things to Consider When Landscaping in the Pacific Northwest

landscaping in the pacific northwest

creating a sanctuary

in 2019

2019 might be the year to Finally Create your Outdoor Sanctuary

If one of your goals for 2019 is creating a sanctuary where your lawn once was then you're probably considering what is involved with landscaping in the pacific northwest. You have to be location specific as every environment has its own demands when bringing inviting nature into your front and backyards. You want your landscaping to last and create a space for you, your family, and friends to enjoy every season for years to come. So, before you go on down to the hardware store or call someone who provides landscaping in Spokane, let's go over what should be considered when landscaping in the pacific northwest.

Plants for All 4 Seasons 

Investing your time and money in landscaping the yard shouldn't result in a 2 or 3 season period to enjoy the outdoor space. Many people only plant for summer and early autumn, thinking that because they won't be outside as much that there is nothing to visually enjoy. Nothing could be further than the truth!

There are many beautiful flowers, shrubs, and trees that do well in winter or only bloom during it. Decorating Spokane's snowfall with a variety of colors atop a white ground. It's a new canvas to consider when landscaping in the pacific northwest. One of the plants to consider when landscaping is the Dawn viburnum or one of the witch hazels. These plants don't bloom till January or February and can be a feast for the eyes when growing weary of grey and chills.

When planning out your new outdoor space and looking for landscaping in Spokane, WA. don't forget that winter is 1/4 of your year and shouldn't be overlooked. Some of these plants can even act as an arcane seasonal clock if you prefer nature being your guide. The Hamamelis Virginia blooms in late fall and signals the beginning of winter, for example.  Decorate for year around and watch your outdoor space transform with every season, new flowers and plants taking center stage at all times of the year, that is part of the beauty of landscaping in the pacific northwest, engaging all 4 seasons. 

What to Do in the Garden?

Part of landscaping is the function of your newly transformed yard, how the plants will be laid out and where the paths will lead, what areas for sitting, etc. This is important to consider when planting as well. If an area is designated to sit and relax then you would probably want shade for the warmer seasons. Landscaping isn't letting Mother Nature have her way as she does in the wilderness, but working with nature to create a personalized space to enjoy flora and fauna. As landscaping in the pacific northwest means working with all 4 seasons, then you'll need to consider what is typical of each in Spokane when designating a spot to entertain.

This also involves how you utilize space and where you plant what. If you're working with a large front or backyard, then you have more opportunity for different spaces to enjoy. But, if working within a limited area then you get to showcase your creativity a bit more. Let's say you enjoy a lot of cooking and often host barbecues, perhaps setting up the grill space near where you grow vegetables would be ideal. So, what are you going to do in this new Eden of yours? Answering that will help with your landscaping in Spokane, WA. 

Pacific Northwest Wildlife

If you're far enough from the city where you want to enjoy your woodland neighbors, then you can enjoy landscaping for wildlife in the pacific northwest. This can be a boon for your gardening as planning to attract certain animals and insects will help repel others who are a detriment to your garden. Even if you don't plan on growing things you can eat this kind of companion gardening is a great idea to keep the plants healthy. It isn't just attracting bees but also repealing slugs, for example.

Another thing to consider when landscaping for wildlife in the pacific northwest is redirection. If you enjoy a lot of outdoor cooking, you may want to keep some critters away from where you dine. So, what would distract animals from where you cook? Also, if it's tinier animals that are known to try and go after tomatoes or onions, what would help prevent them from getting to where they're grown. Laying out different levels for different plants or planting certain flowers or shrubs can create a natural repellant or attraction for the kind of company you want and where you want it in each season.

You Know What to Consider for Landscaping

Those are three basic things to consider before you get rolling on landscaping in the pacific northwest.  

  • What will you plant to enjoy all 4 seasons?

  • What are you going to do in your newly redesigned front and backyards?

  • What kind of company do you want where?

Once you have that outlined you can go looking for help with landscaping companies in Spokane, WA. Sure, they're going to help you along with their expertise but they cannot tell you what you want or how you'll enjoy the new space. In the end, it will be your year-around outdoor sanctuary and it must be decided by you and yours. So, explore the variety of ways nature beautifies all 4 seasons and see how you want to enjoy each. Such research will give you years of visual stimulation and redefine how you see a yard.