How Decks Improve Outdoor Living Spaces

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Considering Deck Design this Summer?

Considering Deck Design?

With the warm weather upon us, many homeowners are considering deck design and landscape design. Tis' the season to be thinking of more ways to further enjoy the spring and summer on your own property, comfortably and with loved ones. Many people, when wanting to install a deck or do some landscaping, don't take into account how a deck design and landscape design interact. How that interaction improves your outdoor space rather than a deck or patio disrupting and adding clutter to your yard. There are things to consider, like how the deck or patio will be laid out, privacy, and what kind of material is best for you. So, let's talk about how a deck can improve your outdoor space and things to consider when wanting to install one. 

Fitting the Deck Design into the Landscape Design

It might be tempting to place a deck in the yard without considering how it flows with your outdoor space, but don't give in to that temptation. You want your deck design to function well with the landscape design and add to the general layout. Everything should flow and make sense to the eye, as well as be functional. A deck that wraps the back of the home for no reason or has stairs that lead to awkward places doesn't make sense for socializing. A deck design shouldn't be pure aestheticism, it should add value to enjoying the space rather than just looking at it.

If your landscape design caters to hosting friends or interacting outside, then your deck design should cater to that as well. People sometimes think of a deck as a backyard porch and you should avoid those thoughts. Having a deck installed with that mindset often leads to a lack of space and defeats the point of adding structure to your yard. It's an opportunity to add to your landscape design and create a new space for hanging out.  

If the landscape design of your yard is more of a peaceful sanctuary away from the outside world and socializing, a well thought out deck design can add to that as well. A short place outside the backdoor which leads off to your favorite spot in the yard to unwind. A space for socializing and another path leading to your place.

These two examples showcase your intent with the deck design and lead to another thing to consider, your privacy and the kind of intimacy you are seeking on the deck.

What Kind of Deck Design?

 Different designs cater to different purposes and intention is everything when laying out a new space. Think of how a house is built. Each room is designed with a specific purpose. The bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms, and dens are all decided before a house is built. A deck is no different. So, what do you want to use your deck for and that will tell you about the deck design you should go for.

Do you envision a deck full of fun patio furniture for barbecues and family fun or space to enjoy a quiet period of the day? If the former, you'd need a larger space with comfy furniture and standing room that has a bit of a view.  Perhaps your deck is designed to include outlets or an outdoor speaker set for get-togethers or even to get away and meditate. This brings up the issue of privacy and intimacy.

How do you keep your gatherings just your gatherings or your sanctuary intimate? Perhaps the is part of the deck that is lower than where you like to throw parties or your deck will have a tall privacy fence. Will this wall prevent you from enjoying the rest of the yard or blend with the landscape design?  These are things to consider when figuring how the deck design will work within the landscape design and in your life.

Why Get a Deck?

You can see why fitting a deck design into your general landscape design is a smart move, but why get a deck to begin with? It adds a social warmth to the yard and has a welcoming effect, elevating your yard to another room of the house. If you're worried about another space to maintain, just like any other valued area you enjoy, it can depend on the material used. For example, composite wood is a popular option as it doesn't require too much maintenance. If you don't mind having to upkeep a bit, then you could go for wood like cedar. Be honest with yourself, you don't want to invest a good deck design only for it to fall by the waist side.  

Also, like any other part of your house, you can have fun with the decorating. It can really bring out the landscape design, matching the awesome patio furniture with the array of colors in your garden. If your deck has different locations for different purposes, you have several spaces to play with. Your deck design can feed into whatever aesthetic you're going for in the backyard.

How Does a Deck Improve Your Yard?

If your deck design and landscape design function as one, then it acts as an ongoing retreat. A space that adds to your yard and brings a warmth that will feed into the intimacy your outdoor sanctuary provides. A deck improves your yard by pulling it together with the house, a bridge between the structured rooms of your home and the lush nature organized in the landscape design. An intimate setting away from the hustle and bustle of the world while remaining in it.  

See you out back!